6 Essential Oils for Back Pain


Since you have taken in the ABCs of back agony, let us talk about what you can do about it. We have officially discovered that torment relievers like ibuprofen aren’t perfect because of their possibly lethal reactions. Headache medicine and NSAIDS can harm the stomach long haul—both by bothering the covering and possibly harming the vegetation adjust.

Luckily, nature has skilled us with fundamental oils, unadulterated embodiment of the earth frequently utilized as a part of medication that can enable treat to back torment. There are a few assortments of fundamental oils that can address particular sorts of torment, as recorded underneath.


If you’re back pain is the result of stress and tension in your life, trying looking into sweet, tranquil lavender essential oil. This gentle essential oil is a major pain reliever, healing such ailments as muscle cramps, muscle strain, tension, stress, headaches, and insomnia. Research has also found that using lavender essential oil along with acupressure treatment helps lower back pain by nearly 40%.


This minty, effervescent essential oil naturally contains methyl salicylate, which is the main pain-relieving ingredient in aspirin. Studies have found that wintergreen essential oil is such a powerful analgesic, that it almost works like a cortisone shot, quickly knocking out pain. This healing essential oil contains anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and analgesic qualities, making it the ideal natural treatment for back pain and spasms. For centuries, Native Americans have used wintergreen essential oil as a tonic to treat pain. Wintergreen essential oil is so powerful, that it should be used with care—children and people suffering from epilepsy should seek another essential oil for their back pain. Wintergreen essential oil should also never be ingested, as it can be toxic.


If muscle spasms are what is ailing you, this woodsy, spicy, warming essential oil may be for you. Popular in Ayurvedic medicine, sandalwood is revered for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Sandalwood can help with back pain associated with arthritis and overused muscles. Infused with a deep, earthy smell, sandalwood essential oil helps melt away stress and tension, which can have your back muscles in a vise.


Spruce essential oil is a sweet oil that has long been used to treat various physical and mental stresses on the body and mind. Arthritis is a painful and chronic condition that can be debilitating, fortunately, spruce essential oil has been shown to alleviate symptoms associated with this condition along with symptoms of sciatica, bone pain, lower back pain, and rheumatism.


Another staple of Ayurvedic drug, ginger basic oil is ideal for those encountering firmness and irritation of the muscles. Research has discovered that applying this fiery fundamental oil on the influenced territory obstructs the advancement of eicosanoids.

Eicosanoids are in charge of delivering the physical feel of torment. Those misery from ailment and joint pain appear to particularly profit by the agony easing influences of ginger fundamental oil.


Marjoram is exactly what the specialist requested on the off chance that you are experiencing firm, tense muscles, fits, and torment related with joint pain. A characteristic narcotic, marjoram basic oil dissolves away enthusiastic and physical pressure.


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