Here Are 10 Tips to Decrease Your Daily Sugar Intake or Ditch It Altogether:


1. Dark Coffee Please

Consider the quantity some espresso or tea that you devour in multi day. Presently, consider that tablespoon (or 2 or 3) of sugar and drain (which contains 2 teaspoons of sugar for every half container serving) that you add to some joe.

Your day by day espresso or tea is an incredible chance to forever supplant sugars (counting fake ones) by taking out any sweetener or including a flavor substitute. For teas, include a sprinkle of lemon or lime juice. For java, include coconut drain (which contains no sugar) or coconut oil (which is normally sugar free and super sound for you).

2. Reduce or Eliminate Processed Foods

You’d be shocked at the amount of added sugar in pre-packaged, processed foods like cookies, cakes, breads, flavored yogurt, crackers, chips, peanut butter, frozen dinners, etc. And beware! Sugar is oftentimes disguised in your food’s ingredients in the forms of high-fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, agave, maltose, sucrose, honey, dextrose, fruit juice, etc.

Instead, choose products that come in a pure state, such as rice, vegetables and chicken. You can season them to your preference and know exactly what you are eating. Remember: the best trick to keep yourself from reaching for these unhealthy food choices is not purchasing them in the first place.

3. Make Healthy Swaps

Is it 3pm and you need a pick-me-up? Don’t grab that snack bar with six teaspoons of sugar. Grab a handful of unadulterated, unsalted nuts. And don’t be fooled by dried fruit, which can pack in as much as six teaspoons of sugar in a third of a cup.

Choose an unflavored Greek yogurt instead of regular flavored yogurt and you can get a healthy dose of protein and significantly less sugar (if any). Want something sweet on the go? Eat a piece of fruit, which provides vitamins, minerals and fiber.

4. Say Goodbye to Soda

Please tell me that you are not still drinking soda, especially diet soda that contains artificial sweeteners that are even worse for you than sugar. And no more energy drinks! Those babies can pack 20 teaspoons or more of sugar in a single serving.

Drink water with lemon or unsweetened iced tea instead, adding 0 grams of sugar to your daily scorecard. Staying hydrated gives you the natural energy you need to make it through the day without needing extra caffeine.

5. Avoid Refined White Flour

Avoid highly refined foods such as breads and pasta, which are stripped of nutrients and often loaded with extra sugar. White flour metabolizes (or breaks down in the body) as . . . you guessed it . . . sugar!

6. Take Your Daily Vitamins

Many times when your body is nutrient deficient, it can create intense cravings for something sweet or salty. Take a multivitamin that matches your lifestyle, and your chances of mid-day sugar cravings will be drastically reduced.

7. Don’t Skip Meals

When you skip a meal, your blood sugar drops, making you crave nutrition. This is when you reach for a quick and easy snack. Beware! This is when the extra dose of sugar creeps in. Instead, try to eat small meals every three to four hours. Your blood sugar levels will remain consistent, and you will be less likely to reach for that sugary meal replacement.

8. Get Plenty of Rest

Sometimes we reach for sugary foods when we are feeling sluggish and need an extra boost of energy. Instead, make sure that you listen to your body and get the amount of sleep it needs to function properly.

9. Exercise!

Exercise gets your blood flowing and gives you an instant boost of endorphins and energy. Feeling sluggish? Drop and give me 20 (pushups, sun salutations, squats, jumping jacks, whatever)! Increased circulation keeps your energy levels up, and your need for sugar down.

10. Spice It Up

when you think your body needs a sweet bite, what it is truly longing for is a little flavor. Sprinkle a little zest on your next dinner – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, ginger, cilantro, parsley, basil, cayenne, and so forth for additional flavor and additionally sweetness, contingent upon what your body pines for right now.