New Healthy Habits For Moms This Summer


Summer is accompanying its pack of picnics, campfire, strolls in the forested areas, days at the shoreline et cetera and on. Just fervor and joy! Along these lines, this is the ideal time to get a touch of your inspiration and change it into inspiration. It is the ideal opportunity for you to add solid propensities to your life!

Moms or parents often forget about their health. Sometimes the motivation of the postpartum is fading as the years go and as the kids are growing. Sometimes you even catch a glimpse of the energy you need right after your baby’s birth. I just thought that later will be the right time to recover from 9 months of lower activity and more (healthy) eating as it was “for two.”

Whatever your scenario is, you may want to grab this very simple list to adapt very quickly to some new healthy habits. Why now? Because it’s easier to start eating better food during the warm summer month rather than when the cold is exhausting you (sorry for my Aussie friends, this post is more a Christmas time post for you! :)).

So here are my five go for Healthy habits:

1. Drink less coffee

It doesn’t mean drink decaf. Actually, decaf is more acidic than coffee, and it is absolutely not the best for your stomach and guts. During the summer, we tend to crave for cold drinks. It’s the perfect time to go for iced white or green teas instead of coffee. When the caffeine is calling, try chai tea or black tea. Try to forget about coffee or limit it to once a day: Yes dream big! You’ll feel far less inclined to go back to it whenever you want a hot drink.

If you are a chocolate lover, it’s time to try real hot chocolate too. They are as tasty as coffee and offer many subtilties for real connoisseurs!

2. Less red meat

For meat lovers, summer is the right time to learn to try something different. Meat is defined as animal flesh, and I mean any animal flesh including fish or crustaceans. Red meat is, by far, the fatter and less healthy meat. Trying to go regularly for fish or chicken is a simple habit and will significantly reduce your chances of coronary diseases.

3. Forget sweets and biscuits

I’m not mentioning cakes, especially homemade ones. I’m targeting sweets. Well everybody knows that they are teeth killers and dentists golden goose. What about biscuits then? The problem with biscuits is that they are baked at a higher temperature than cakes. This temperature is warm enough to transform the sugar mixed with proteins, such as eggs, into a carcinogenic substance. So, as the summer is warm, go for ice-creams or better sherbets, or even better fruits! If there are not convenient for your kids, small or tall, then try dry fruits, nuts, granolas (which can easily be homemade), or even a cake. Watch that video on YouTube for more motivation!

4. Stretch every morning

As the days are longer, we have fewer difficulties to wake up in the morning. If your children stay home during the summer, even better, you don’t have to be prep for school. So, with all these little advantages in hand, you are more inclined to a short exercise even when you are still in bed! Stretch your neck gently, then your arms by reaching for the sky. Stretch them back to open your chest and increase the energy feeding your brain.

Once you’ve done that, you can set a foot, ok maybe two, on the floor and stretch your legs trying to touch your feet, keeping your legs more or less straight. Do not overdo it! The purpose is to stretch a little bit daily, get your body ready for the day and why not improve your flexibility a bit at a time.

5. 8000 steps a day

Use an app for that. Apple Health app is great, but you can also use another one such as Runtastic Steps. I love it very much and have been using for years. Whatever the means, try to walk an average of 8000 steps a day (10 000 for men). It is the minimum to keep you healthy. But if you don’t do it on a regular basis, you really miss tons of happiness and positivity. You also have an opportunity to exercise very gently and have good family chats in the meantime!

One little step at a time

The most vital thing is to get at it. Regardless of whether it’s a smidgen at the outset, you’ll show signs of improvement with time. These propensities are anything but difficult to take amid the mid year, however you truly need to have it delicate initially. You should realize that as per a few examinations, another propensity takes a normal of 66 days to end up a daily practice (The dates go from 18 to 254 days). We regularly believe that a propensity takes 28 days at the same time, for my situation, I generally thought this opportunity to be too short. The reason is it relies upon you, your brain and your current propensities. In this way, on the off chance that you stick to it up to 66 days, which is the normal, you’ll have more opportunity to succeed.

66 days is around the long periods of July and August. In the event that you begin your new propensity now and make an objective to keep at it until September, you will essentially build your odds to keep your new sound propensities through fall as well!