Concealer Tips and Tricks


Back in December I completed a finish of year study to get some understanding on what you all loved perusing, what you required help on, and so forth. (Much thanks to you for those that took an interest and Lindsay I trust you making the most of your Starbucks gift voucher!) I was happy to see from the reactions that a large portion of you adore excellence related posts AND a couple of you needing to find out about shading remedying. So I chose to bring you all a 2 of every 1 post today — shading redressing 101 alongside some concealer tips and traps. How about we hop


Before we ever begin applying any makeup it’s best to moisturize, the same goes for the under eye area. Find a good hydrating eye cream — some of my recommendations — > hydrating and has a tint of pink to help with darkness or this one that has a neat applicator and also very hydrating.

Color Correct

In order to be able to concealer imperfections without having to cake on the concealer, you should begin by color correcting. There are several different shades used to cancel out certain colors, you can see that in the image below.


Now that we’ve covered color correcting, we can begin concealing. If you want to brighten your under eye area — it’s best to go for a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin color — this method is used most when contouring and highlighting. When concealing blemishes or imperfections elsewhere, going for a concealer that is the same color and tone as your skin will be the best option.

While applying concealer on your under eye region — apply from the inward corner of your eye, to the finish of your nose and in an upward edge to the external eye territory.

Only a couple of tips and traps on the fundamentals of rectifying and covering. I seek this was useful or after those that as of now have this down, I trust you discovered some new items to attempt in light of my suggestions.


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