3 Best Drop Shipping Companies in India to Triple Your Profits


Background of Drop Shipping in India
Drop shipping is a business trend that is emerging successfully. The business is flourishing in India as well because of the economic stability of the country.

Under this system, the retailers do not have to maintain a storage space to hold the products. You don’t have to take the pain of managing inventory as the shipment order can be directly shipped to the consumer by manufacturers and wholesalers. Some business owners are today investing money in establishing drop shipping companies in Bangalore or other mega cities in India, including India mart, Flipcart, Shopify.in, etc.

4 Key factors enable the top drop shipping companies
Key features that make drop shipping companies in India ideal options.

With emerging time and advent of the internet, drop shipping business has also managed to flourish on a global platform. One of the main reasons more number of people want to get stable as a drop shipper is the reach of the internet.

Apart from this, there are a few other key features that you need to get familiar with, that are mentioned below.

1. A wide range of products
With drop shipping business, merchants have the convenience where they can offer consumers with an extensive product range. This is one feature you should look into for any drop shipping company. As the store and products are managed online, so merchants can have unlimited storage space as compared to a physical store, for leading products. This feature makes the business opportunity very much unique.

2. Best Customer Support
This is one feature any drop shipping company should have. The support team should be efficient in handling customer queries, instantly providing them with the best solutions. Some drop shipping companies may be offering with vast product choice but may lack practical customer support.

The moment you are selecting dropshipping websites in India, always check with the customer support offered. It should cater to the needs of your business. This feature will help in saving your time and money.

3. Integration with your e-commerce online store
If you manage to set up correctly, then drop shipping can help save a lot of your time. You may not have to waste your time managing inventory list, ordering for new products, checking for unused inventory, or filing backlogs as drop shipping companies are there to take care of these businesses for you.

You can save more time to focus on other areas of your business development. So make the selection of a drop shipping company that offers you with perfect integration feature with your online business. It should be willing to provide you with an automated system for checking with sales and purchase.

4. Using multiple channels to sell your products
To develop your online business, you need to try and create your brand awareness by managing branded e-commerce store. It is essential to create an e-commerce channel that is branded.

You need to keep in mind that some products are considered as best selling products on branded e-commerce websites. Some new business owners can be regarded as one of the most effective ways to generate brand awareness. Drop shipping companies in Delhi or India offer with convenience business owners where they can sell their products online on branded e-commerce sites just like they were doing it on their website. So the moment you are selecting a drop shipping company to ensure to check the multiple channels offered by them.

List of drop shipping companies in India

In the present time, several websites evolving are focused on e-Commerce platforms. People select drop shipping companies as it involves zero investment for various inventory, including medicines, kitchen-ware, footwear, hosiery, fashion clothes, etc. Some drop shipping companies in India offer a collection of thousands of products. You need to maintain the stocks online via their mobile and online app. They provide you with the convenience of shipment and payment using multiple modes.

1. P & R Ventures (Drop Shipping Services)
The company is also listed in top rated companies in offering with drop shipping services to both manufacturers and customers. You may not have to involve any agent in between when dealing with gaining profit.

The company offers direct services from manufacturers to the consumer end. The company is presently involved in supplying, manufacturing, exports and trading of shipment for FDA approved and medicinal products and is based in Nagpur – Dhigori. The purchase is dispatched and received at the consumer end within 12 days via airways. This makes the shipment safer at the time of delivery. The customers also don’t have to be concerned about hidden cost on the birth of the purchase. The company also ensures that high quality is maintained at the time of shipment of goods ordered so to prevent the transfer from being damaged during transit.

The company owners always ensure that they maintain high-quality norms for customers and merchants alike for a wide range of products offered. Each shipment before dispatch is checked for quality and authentication by the QC team. Each product is added to the list as per the requirements in the international market.

2. Shopify.in
Shopify is one of the leading names in drop shipping companies within the country. The company offers you with convenience starting from managing virtual stocks to sales. They provide complete support for people looking forward to getting established as drop shippers.

To get started, you need to set up your online account with Shopify, and the moment any customer places his order, it is forwarded to the third party supplier. The rules are prepared and sent directly to the customer end. Payments are processed, and your commission is paid in your account.

The online platform also provides merchants with a complete guide to sell products online, validate sales, and participate in the online training program so you can successfully run your online drop shipping business.

Shopify also offers customers a collection of a wide range of products from hundreds of suppliers across the country. The process of shipment is also instant, and so customers don’t have to wait for long to receive the purchase after placing their order. They offer online payment options for customers via multiple modes.

3. India Mart
IndiaMart is one of the leading names in the drop shipping industry. This is one lace that connects thousands of suppliers with their buyers. The online company offers the perfect platform to large and small enterprises and individual agents.

Till date, the company has also managed to grow a database of over 5.2 crore buyers from across the country and world. Apart from this it also maintains a database of over 42 lakh or more supplier list. It showcases over 5.9 crore products from a wide range of categories.

It offers a one-stop shopping advantage for customers with multiple payment options. As per past statistics, the website receives over 2.5 crores visitors every month as potential buyers. Established in 2006, India Mart has managed to grow its workforce to more than 3500 workers with over 80 + offices countrywide.

Where should I drop ship from except for India?
1. Short comes of drop shipping companies from Delhi or India
When speaking of a drop shipment, it offers numerous advantages and disadvantages of its own. There certainly are a few challenges consumers and merchants have to face. Some down comes mentioned here below:

● Product out of stock
When speaking of suppliers and manufacturers attached with drop shipping in India is still not yet in its peak, so inventory syncing is one of the significant disadvantages. Most drop shipping companies in India have to depend on inventory that is supplied by other countries. In a few instances, you may also notice that the product is out of stock the moment an order is placed. This means that the delivery time of the product is also affected and consumers have to wait for the much longer time that causes complaints.

● Scalability
The moment you start getting orders for your business, product makers can get time-consuming process. This process gets even more complicated the moment any consumer places a request for a handmade product.

● Limited choice for products
There are chances that with drop shipping companies in India, you may still be having limited options for selecting products from different categories. In general, most Indian companies offer only a few well known and branded products that are provided for a fixed price.

Apart from this, you may also have to face lowered margin potential for the branded product as they carry fixed pricing and profit margins. Apart from this, the profit margin for most commodities may also not be guaranteed.

2. Pros of drop shipping from China
Presently China is already dominating the global manufacturing market. Apart from this, you always have a wide variety of options available in the competitive market for any product. Drop shipping from China does offer merchants with numerous benefits of its own.

With over 33 percent of the global economy present depending on Drop shipping business, China has managed to emerge as the leader in this business. One main benefit is that drop shipping e-commerce business from China involves lower investment.

Apart from this, the retailers also have the convenience to operate their business from any global location. Some of the main benefits of selecting drop shipping from China are mentioned below:

● Low price range
It is well known that China holds its significant investment in premises, technology, and machinery on the global platform. It has a well-set network for mass production, logistics, and reduced labor cost. So the moment you are dealing with Chinese dealers, you can expect competitive price and discount offers. This makes the product more affordable for consumers and merchants alike.

● Better quality standards
Present China has managed to emerge as much improved technology using sophisticated technology for product manufacturing. It has improvised advancement in product manufacturing to meet international standards. With a large workforce, it is also able to meet the demands of the growing international market. Each product that is manufactured in China can easily compete for cost and quality in the global market.

● Unlimited product range
China is a leader in the global wholesale market. Thousands of dealers are flooding the global market with their top quality products. Apart from this, China also has its well-established network of retailers, and suppliers linked to the drop shipping business. This means that they can fulfill the demands of the ever-growing market and consumers in each product range.

You may also find numerous drop shipping companies, suppliers, and manufacturers in China. You can check with some of the most significant drop shipping company like Chinabrands.com. They offer multiple benefits including wide product range, best wholesale pricing, high-quality products, professional support team, and 24 hours delivery time, integrate with more than 20 reselling platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Shop, Shopify and independent websites as well to help sellers automated upload listings by one click.

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