Tips for Germany Visa Interview


Visa is the basic need when anyone wishes to go abroad for any purpose. When you apply for long term visa to Germany, you need to appear for a visa interview as a part of the visa issuance process. It is essential for you to do well in the visa interview because it is your ticket to Germany. The visa officers ask a range of questions to ensure whether your motive of visa application is a genuine one and is the same as written in your application form. If you are well prepared, you will clear the interview in your first attempt.

Tips To Prepare for Germany visa interview:
Prepare well:
The first step in is the get yourself acquainted with the different types of questions asked during the visa interview. The items may be like: Why did you choose Germany for higher studies? What was the reason for fewer marks in a particular examination? Questions related to your finances, loans, scholarships, etc. Prepare answers for all such problems and try saying them in front of a mirror to boost your confidence.

Carrying important documents:
During the interview, send the originals and at least two or three photocopies of all required documents. Make sure to arrange the materials in proper order so that if asked for a specific report you don’t have to fidget in front of the interviewer searching the right copy. The way you effortlessly manage things during the interview creates a good impression and may go a long way in getting you the visa.

Dress properly:
It is said that your first impression is your last impression. What better way to make a good impression if not through your clothes? But beware, don’t wear revealing clothes or wear strong perfumes. (Keep these for parties!) Dress well, preferably in formals, to make a good impression. Your presence should be pleasing.

Be punctual:
The German love for punctuality is known worldwide. So don’t dare to be late for the interview. It is always better to reach a few minutes early for the meeting, in case there are some other formalities to be done before the meeting. Always call and inform in case you’d be late for the interview due to some reason.

Mind your manners:
Be polite, calm and friendly throughout the visa interview. Answer all the questions with confidence so that visa officers get satisfied with all your answers and develop a sense of trust for you. At the same time, don’t be overconfident that you know all the answers. Don’t try to overpower the interviewer or answer rudely in any case. Say ‘Thank You’ after the interview is done; thank other people at the embassy for their time. Remember every small thing counts and your every move is monitored.

Honesty is the best policy:
Always give honest answers to the questions during the Germany visa interview. Be brief but precise in your answers so that everything goes smoothly. Giving false financial details or other information may lead to the rejection of your visa and might also land you in trouble (like getting banned from entering the country!).

Be Patient:
Visa officers may ask you some tricky questions to test your intentions, IQ, financial funds, etc. In such cases, answer those questions honestly and be patient.

Germany visa interview may take 30 minutes or more. Don’t get irritated by the duration of the meeting or cross-question the interviewers.